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Shoal draft keel versus regular fin keel. Is there a distinct tradeoff in performance between the two if they are on the same model boat? I assume that the weight is the same except with the shoal draft version it is spread out along the hull instead of below the boats center of gravity. 25/02/2000 · I'm looking at a 1984 Hunter 31 which has everything I'm looking for except that it has a Shoal Draft Keel instead of a Deep Keel. Is there a big. My wife, Linda, and I didn’t know how important shoal draft was until we began cruising in Florida and the Bahamas. Simple Gifts, our Crealock 37, was advertised as having 5-foot, 3-inch draft when we bought her in 1983.

11/01/2015 · You may well have to reduce the depth of the rudder by around 6" as well. Jeanneau rather crudely chop the standard rudder off and fill the wound, so it means you don't get a proper feathered edge - we have the shoal draft 39i and I know that the reduction in the rudder is quite a negative factor in our windward performance. The Capri 22 is a small recreational keelboat, built predominantly of fiberglass, with wood trim. It has a fractional sloop rig, a transom hung rudder and a conventional fin keel, shoal-draft keel or winged keel. It displaces 2,200 lb 998 kg, carries 650 lb 295 kg of. 09/01/2014 · Depending on the boat, the shoal draft keel may have the hydro profile of a brick, whereas the standard is a nicer section that will have you higher and faster upwind. It also will depend a lot on how developed the standard draft keel is. A lead filled bulb or elephants foot will show more of a difference vs shoal draft than a basic iron fin. 24/08/2011 · Shoal draft, back in the days when boats used to have to creep into protected creek anchorages, was about three feet or less. These days, when everybody just parks their vessel in well-dredged marinas,. Shoal vs Deep Keel Concerns. I had a 5'4' draft boat and now have a 6'4" boat.

Even the canal running up to our home base in Canada just north of Toronto requires less than 5-foot draft. Isn't it less seaworthy to have shoal draft? Certainly there have been very seaworthy boats that managed to have a shallow draft by putting the weight of the keel all along the bottom instead of concentrating it in a big bulb. 14/01/2007 · Last week at LIBS we put down our deposit for a Bavaria 30 and have to firm up the factory options. The one we can't decide on is the keel. Deep - 1.85m or Shoal 1.4m. We intend sailing in UK East Coast waters, southern North Sea and Dutch coastal/inland waters. The obvious choice is the shoal draft version, however we are concerned that this. See 7 results for Shoal draft yachts for sale at the best prices, with the cheapest boat starting from $ 65,000. Looking for more boats? Explore Yacht for sale as well! The First 38, here in "shoal draft" version, is a 38’6” offshore monohull sailboat designed by Jean Berret and Olivier Racoupeau. She was built by Bénéteau France and.

For sale is a very clean, 1988 Catalina 30 Mk II, with standard sloop rig, 3' 10" draft, and wing keel. The SHOAL DRAFT is perfect for Florida and Bahamas!Interior amenities include air conditioning by Eastern Marine, Hiller 2-burner propane stove with oven, 2 basin sink with pressure hot. The Jeanneau 64, here in "shoal draft" version, is a 64’1” monohull sailboat designed by Philippe Briand and Design Office Jeanneau. She was built by Jeanneau France and made of sandwich balsa / fiberglass / vinylester vacuum infusion. 18/07/2012 · The latest 575 specification only shows the shoal L keel and the standard T keel but the latest price list shows the three keels. For the 575 the standard 2.85m T keel = 0 cost, 2.25m shallow draft L keel = E3,700 while the 2.85m L keel = E4,950.

Shoal / Scheel keel. A simple variation of the fin keel, is where the draft is reduced by profiling the bottom of the keel to add further ballast. For tradewind sailing, a deep draft is perhaps not as important as a shallower draft at either end, so many ‘bluewater’ yachts are often equipped with scheel or shoal draft. 17/09/2011 · A shoal draft keel model compared to the full length keel model is likely to have more weight at the end of the keel to compensate for the reduced length. The difference in pointing for a modern design is likely to be small. So if you take this small effect and.

49.4' Custom Henk Lynstrom design Lloyds approved Cutter Ketch St Petersburg Harborage Marina, Florida Asking $350,000. Just checked out the "shoal draft" jetty here. 4m under the keel down to 2.3 at the shallow end. Deducting a metre for a very low tide means that you'd need a draft of 2.6m to touch at the shallow end and a 3m draft boat could easily fit on in the middle. Hardly "shoal draft". The shoal draft version of the Nonsuch 30 has two noticeable differences from the deep draft model. One, as you mention, is because the shoal keel does not develop as much lift as the deep keel does, the shoal version makes more leeway sailing upwind. 04/04/2010 · 40' Shallow Draft Boats? Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by ScottK, Mar 18, 2010. Joined: Jan 2010. Scott, you might want to have a look at some Joe Adams or Graeme Radford designs, I think they may have had some shoal draft steel yachts in that range, All the best from Jeff. waikikin, Mar 19. The long keel will take the ground.

02/08/2017 · We’ve cruised shoal-draft boats for 30 years and had never sailed this fast. A straw hat peeked from behind the foremast where Austin was looking for the entrance to the Little Shark River. A gap appeared in the mangroves ahead, followed by a channel marker, and we knew we were on track. Sailing Shoal Draft Boats. I sell sailboats to some really good sailors. A shoal draft sailboat can be a sailboat that's difficult to learn on and sail well. My sailors are working with a smaller keel and the keel is the most important part of any sailboat. Perfect Type of Shoal Keel for Sailboat Article By Shorty Various Keel Types on Small Sailboats All sailboats are good, and they all need some kind of keel or daggerboard. Each type has certain advantages and compromises, so whether you like them or. 04/11/2010 · I am looking at purchasing a 415 and am trying to decide between the standard torpedo shaped keel or the L shaped shoal draft. I will be sailing in Long Island Sound, mostly the western half. I do not plan to race but performance is important to me so I am leaning towards the standard keel.

shoal draft jeanneau’s: Published in May 01, 2012 All Jeanneau yachts are available with shoal draft keel, but the Sun Odyssey 379 is unique in its size range in that it is available with either a 1.5 metre draft winged keel combined with twin rudders, or shoal draft 1.1m with a lifting centerboard.

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